In the late 1800s William Poulson, with his wife and children, were among the first Mormon settlers of Redmond Utah. He and his boys started mining in the same mine that Red Rock Salt still uses today. The early settlers boiled small pieces of rock salt in vats of water. The brine was set in shallow pans to evaporate leaving a film of salt, which was bagged and sold as table salt. Larger pieces of rock salt were sold to sheep ranchers and cattlemen as a source of needed minerals to keep the livestock healthy.

Three of William’s boys formed Poulson Bros. Salt Co in the early 1900’s which mined and sold rock, and crushed salt across the state. The folks at Red Rock Salt are descendants of these salt pioneers and represent the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the William Poulson family. Red Rock Salt is family owned and operated just like its predecessor. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product. We allow our satisfied customers determine for themselves the extra ordinary benefits of this unrefined, natural salt delivered from earth to your table.


The geologic record has established the existence of a massive deposit of salt to be the result of a shallow inland sea, which covered present day Utah, slowly depositing layer upon layer of salts and minerals on the bottom. Over millions of years the sea water dried up and left a thick layer of rock salt.  A thin layer of red soil has insulated the salt from airborne radiation and contamination and Mother Nature pressed the minerals and salts over thousands of years into a wonder blend of rock salt.